F de C Reader ②

F de C Reader ②

1000 JPY

10 X 14.5 cm
378 pages . 153g
perfect binding
B&W on newsprint paper with full color sections


While This That/Glam Pictorialism — R.C.

Test Shots for Study of new European magazine makeup — Norihide Kose

Conversation with Shoichi Aoki Parts 1 & 2
STREET magazine No 1 (complete facsimile) — Shoichi Aoki

Letter To A Young Poet (with a camera)
Conversation with Shoichi Aoki Part 3
Test Shots for Miuccia Prada — Anders Edström and Ann-Sofie Back.
Ren Hang with Erik Bernhardsson
Conversation with Kawori Inbe
In Memoriam: Toyo Ito’s …  (fiction)  
—  AH/Chiharu Ozaki
Fin de Coppenhague (fiction) — EB/AH
Honduras. A novella — Robert Cook ( insert  / fiction )
AE for MM
Jack Mauritsz
Inner Cutting and the System / Dooling Jiang DIGEST — Erik Bernhardsson
Takashi Nishiyama with Yumiko Kikuchi  
In Memoriam: Masahisa Fukase 1934 – 2012  ( Homage by Keiichi Nitta )

 — AR/AH Ken Ngan/ Yu Cong / Arnaud Meuleman
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