F de C Reader 1

1000 JPY
ISSN 2187-1620
10 X 14.5 cm
180 pages
perfect binding
B&W on newsprint paper

words / conversations:
Toshio Nakanishi (conversation with Antonin Gaultier )
Chim↑Pom (AG)
Mai Ueda (AG)
Simon Fujiwara (Nine Yamamoto)
let's start a new country-up. ( on purple 1999 Robert Cook )
Anders Edström on photography, Margiela and Japan (AG)
Chikashi Suzuki (conversation AG)
Yoshikazu Yamagata (AG)
Vladimir Karaleev (Yann Le Goec)
Zhang Da (Erik Bernhardsson )
The Tokyo Fashion Week did not take place. ( AG )
Max Pam ( Alin Huma )
Central Academy For Fine Arts Beijing (EB)
ffiXXed (EB) 
MMM selected items 1989 - 96. (Yumiko Kikuchi)
Nudes. Motoyuki Daifu
Ellie (chim↑pom) by Pierre Toussaint
The Old Revolution: CdG, Kenzo, etc. (Alin Huma)
Max Pam in West China 1986.
Textile factories in China. (Erik Bernhardsson)
Anders Edström, Chikashi Suzuki and more ...